pyjama drama box and the blog

Welcome to our perfect world of pyjamas and self-care.


Our journey began when we launched the self-care subscription box - Lemonade Box. We created this, so we could introduce as many people as possible to the world of self-care. We understand how demanding life can be, so we want to show people how important it is to take time out that's just for them, to practice self-care and enjoy each moment.

Having said this, what says self-care more than a cosy night in with fresh new pyjamas? There's truly nothing better. So, we thought - why not combine the two? A bimonthly pyjama subscription box that also offers self-care items of the highest quality, to ensure you beautiful girls really are as snug as a bug in a rug. It's perfect!

In terms of Pyjama Drama Box: The Blog, we had a vision of creating a warm, loving (and cosy) community of people who can click on our blog and know that they're going to have a good time.


Your time and commitment mean the world to us, so we want to keep you updated with regular content, make you giggle with leisurely articles and even educate you in some ways.


We also want to hear your views. Everything you have to say is important and we want to hear it. Whether it's about Pyjama Drama Box, articles we've published, or suggestions for future content. We created this platform so we could listen.

Thanks for reading. We sincerely hope you have fun here.

- The Founders


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