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14 Day Stay Home and Self-Care Challenge

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

For those of you who follow us, or our sister-brand, Lemonade Box on Instagram (@pyjamadramabox,, it's quite possible that you took part in our #StayHomeAndSelfCareChallenge. Hundreds of people got involved, which was lovely to see. So, thank you to everybody who participated.

If you didn't manage to get involved, perhaps because you don't follow us on social media, or you didn't feel like it at the time and now have so many ragrets, don't worry. We're bringing the challenge to you, so you can start it whenever you're ready.

Quarantine can be tricky and we want to be there for you all, as much as we can. Self-care is about looking after each other, too. So, we're encouraging you all to take part in this 14 day challenge. It's extremely good for your mental health, it'll get you out of your comfort zone a little bit and it'll make your days a little easier. Let's get started.

Day 1: Make Use of Something You've Neglected

This could be anything. The very sorry looking bicycle that's been sitting in the garage, waiting for somebody to take it out. The jigsaw that's on your shelf, wondering if it will ever be whole again. Too deep? Sorry. The point is, it's good to restart old fires (the good kind of theoretical fires, that is. We do not condone arson, just to be clear).

Day 2: Spend a Minimum of 15 Minutes on Skincare/Haircare

If you're subscribed to Pyjama Drama Box, or Lemonade Box, you'll know that we always say this. Your skin and hair need love and care #thatrhymed. Show it some love, give it a scrub (wow, we are on fire).

If you're unsure on what products to use on your skin or hair, we have plenty of blog posts that discuss the products we've featured in our boxes. We go into detail about what exactly they do, how they're helpful and how to use them. If you still need help, don't be afraid to drop us a message - we're always more than happy to help!

Day 3: Pick One Room in the House and De-clutter it

We've all heard the saying, "a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind". This goes for most things. It doesn't have to be a desk. It can be your bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. Basically, any place that you often spend your time.

If you can see that a room you spend a lot of time in is rather cluttered, have a go at de-cluttering it. See if you can get rid of old things that you don't need anymore. Let go of the old and make way for the new. You might even find that that particular room is bigger than you ever gave it credit for. Think of all the room you'll have for activities!

Day 4: Do a Minimum of 30 Minutes Exercise

It's scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphins and boosts your mood. But, you already knew that, didn't ya? You knew that, but still decided against exercise. We feel you, honey. We feel you.

If you're one of those absolutely inspirational people that already do exercise for 30 minutes or more a day, feel free to skip ahead. But, if you're like us, and the thought of exercise makes you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit, keep reading.

We wouldn't lie to you. Exercise really does help to boost your mood. Although we hate the thought, we still do it, because it makes us feel good. It's good for your body and it's even better for your mental health. Honestly, give it a go. Starting is always the hardest part. But, we promise you, it's certainly worth it.

Day 5: Consciously Put Down Your Phone for One Hour

In this day and age, it's easy to get caught up in social media. Too easy, in fact. Whether you're addicted to scrolling through Twitter, looking at Tik Tok videos, or posting on Facebook, it can hinder your happiness.

As useful as your phone is, it can really get in the way of the things that are most important. Like your friends, or your family, or your hobbies. Life flies by far too quickly, for you to be spending copious amounts of time on your phone.

Staying off your phone is certainly a lot more difficult, now that we are under lockdown. But, we promise you, it's still possible. Especially for only one hour. Try reading your old favourite book, instead. Or, picking up a new hobby. There's plenty of more productive things you can do with your time and your mental health will thank you for it.

Day 6: Practice an Old Hobby

This one came in perfect time, didn't it? If you've decided to carry on the whole, consciously put down your phone for one hour, self-care advice into your next day, you can spend the time that would be filled with endless social media rants and inaccurate depictions of the lives other people lead, to practice an old hobby.

This could be anything. Anything you used to love. Anything that brightened up your day and ignited sparks in the pits of your stomach. What was that thing? Can you remember? Perhaps it was art, painting, singing, playing an instrument. Have a think and get started on it. There's no time like the present.

Day 7: Bring the Duvets Down, Get Cosy and Watch At Least One Film

This is our personal favourite. How could day 7 not be an absolutely gorgeous day? You know what we're talking about. There's just something about bringing the duvets down. They just bring extra warmth, extra cosiness, extra happiness. You know? You know. We already know, you know.

So, get the duvets down and find a film you love. Could be an old one that you've watched a million and one times, or it could a new one that you've been wanting to watch for ages. You might even want to have a movie marathon. It's entirely up to you. This is your self-care challenge.

Day 8: Pick Another Room in the House and De-Clutter it

Once you've de-cluttered one room, it becomes highly addictive. So, you might even have a head start on this one. But, if you haven't yet begun to de-clutter another room, give it a go. Think about how much better you felt when you de-cluttered the first room.

Regular de-cluttering is brilliant for the mind. It keeps it busy and productive. Be kind to your mind. Exercise it well. De-clutter as often as needed.

Day 9: Spend a Minimum of 20 Minutes in the Bath or Shower

Are you a bath, or a shower person? Me? Personally, I'm a shower person. I get funny looks, sometimes. But, what can you do. At least I'm hot and at least I'm steamy (if you understood that joke and giggled, please leave it a comment. We almost weren't going to include it - we'd appreciate if you could make it feel welcome and happy to be here).

As we were saying, cleansing the body is an essential part of self-care. It gives you time to think, relax, sing, and enjoy some time alone (usually 😉). If you love to get in the bath, light some candles and throw in some salts. If you love a shower, put your favourite music on and sing your heart out. Do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Day 10: Make a List of Things to Do Once We're Able to Explore Again

Spending almost all of your time indoors isn't fun. It's easy to think about all the things we miss. But, that doesn't have to be depressing and demotivating. It can be fun.

Get excited about it. Don't sit in your sadness. Think about how happy you're going to be when you can go on dinner dates again to see your friends. Or, when you can discover new places you haven't yet seen, or new street art. Think about how happy you're going to be when you get to make real plans to see the family you haven't seen in a while, or how happy you're going to be when you get to go to the park and see dozens of puppies running around with their owners.

Make a list.

Day 11: Do Something to Make Yourself Feel Cute and Post a Selfie

We all like to feel cute. It's important. We need to look at ourselves and think "damn, who's that?" It's a part of self-love. A big part, in fact. But, more often than not, we forget how beautiful we are, because we compare ourselves to other people. It's important to remember that we are all beautiful in our own, individual ways.

Remind yourself, today. Put on that lipstick, or tie your hair up the way you really like. Anything. Do anything that makes you feel cute. You might even throw on your oversized t-shirt and your pyjama bottoms and think, "wow, I'm the cutest thing I've ever seen." Whatever the case, take a selfie and send it to us. We're always happy to see you happy.

Day 12: Do a Minimum of 30 Minutes Exercise - Try Something New

It's that dreaded exercise one, again. We know. But, we're telling you - it boosts your mood like nothing else. So, we hope that you'll continue this one for, well, the rest of your life. It's important to move your body and release those endorphins.

Exercise can get a little boring, sometimes, though. Especially when you're doing the same thing, day in, day out. So, today, try something new. If you've been cycling for as long as you can remember, try walking, or running, or doing circuits. Yeah, create your own circuit. How cool would that be? No? One step at a time? Ok. Maybe one day.

Day 13: Call/FaceTime/Skype Somebody You Miss and Make Sure You Giggle

Lockdown is tough on relationships. Whether it's a fruity relationship, a friendship, or family. It's tough not being able to see the people you love. But, we appreciate each and every single one of you that are making sacrifices right now. It will pay off. We need to be brave.

Anyhow, just because we're not physically seeing them, doesn't mean we can't pick up the phone and hear their voice. Or, even their face - why not FaceTime, or Skype them? It's important to keep up with our relationships. They're arguably the most valuable things we have. Invest your time in them. Giggle with the people you love. Spread kindness and spread love. These are the gifts we have as human beings. Don't waste them.

Day 14: Relax and Do At Least One Thing You Enjoy

The last day is all on you. You can do whatever you want. Anything at all. There's only one condition - it has to be something you enjoy. It can be something you've done during this challenge, that you found you actually liked. Or, it can be something you haven't actually found much time for, lately.

Whatever it is that you enjoy, you've got to do it, today. For a minimum of 30 minutes. You can do it for longer, if you'd like. We'd like that. We'd like you to be happy for as long as possible. Go on. Get started on it.




Thank you for reading our #StayHomeAndSelfCareChallenge. For those of you who participated, or plan to participate, thank you. Feel free to send us snaps or messages, showing or letting us know how you're getting on with your challenge. We're always happy to hear what's going on with you.

Take care! Sending you lots of love.

Pyjama Drama Box

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