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January 2020 Pyjama Drama Box

Hey, honeys! Hope you're well, as always.

Are ya itching to know what's inside the first ever Pyjama Drama Box? We bet you are. Good job you're here then, isn't it? In this post, you'll find out exactly what was inside the January 2020 Pyjama Drama Box, plus the retail prices.

If you haven't yet ordered, you can do so here. Or, if you'd simply like to read a little bit more about us, you can either check out our website @, or check out our blog post on How Pyjama Drama Box is Different & Environmentally Friendly.

For now, though, let's enjoy!

Of course, the January 2020 includes luxury pyjamas of the highest quality, which take the form of either: one full set of plush pink pyjamas. or beautiful ivory pyjamas. They're a mix of cotton and polyester, they're insanely soft and extra sassy. (RRP = £20.00)

1. Buriti Booster by Bybi (RRP = £12.00)

You know those things you never knew you needed, then you get them and you’re like, “well, sh*t then”? This is definitely one of them. Designed to be incorporated into your existing daytime routine, Buriti’s powerful antioxidant properties work to defend against environmental stressors including pollution and UV. It’s super rich in vitamins A and E, which help to support the maintenance of healthy and happy skin. Simply add a couple of drops to any serums, moisturisers or balms you may use during your skincare routine and apply to the face and neck. Alternatively, you can use it by itself and apply directly to the skin.

Recycling Info

Bottle and carton are 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in your domestic recycling. Separate bottle and pipette. The glass stem of the pipette can be disposed of in your domestic recycling. Please check local facilities to see if you need to rinse before disposing.

2. Melting Shower Cream by Feather and Down (RRP = £3.00)

Fancy a sleep fact? OK. Taking a shower before bedtime will help prepare you for sleep. Makes sense, right? Like, can you think of anything better than getting into your cosy queen PJs after a nice, peaceful shower with a beautifully scented shower cream? We didn’t think so! Cleanse your skin, clear your mind and let the daytime stress wash away. This shower cream will melt into a calming oil when gently massaged into the skin, leaving it feeling incredibly soft, deeply nourished and sensationally smelling.

3. Up in the Clouds Beauty Balm by Coconut Lane (RRP = £6.00)

In our fast-paced world, things can get super stressful. Don’t worry, though. Thanks to the calming properties of vanilla in this little bad boy, your cosy nights in are going to recharge your batteries like never before. Simply slather onto the lips, dry patches or massage into pressure points for instant relaxation. It’s packed full of nourishing ingredients to calm the soul, soothe dry areas and even perfect that beautiful pout. Rich in cocoa and shea butter and bursting with vitamin E, this balm is due to be your hydration hero, babe! Who needs a knight in shining armour?

Recycling Info

Packaging is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in your domestic recycling.

4. Mystery Gift from Botanical Lab

We love a bit of mystery and excitement. So, to kick off the New Year and our first official Pyjama Drama Box, we thought we’d include one. In your box, you will either have: a turmeric blemish control clay mask, a neem leaf gentle face wash, or a pumpkin and papaya enzyme daily exfoliator. All are cruelty-free (as always), vegan and perfect for when you throw on your pyjamas and prepare yourself for a fun and fabulous night in!




Thanks for reading, babe!

Remember, January 2020 Pyjama Drama Boxes are still available to order. They're going fast, though, so be quick! To order, click here - you won't be disappointed!

We hope to hear from you.

Loads of love and kisses,

Pyjama Drama Box

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