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June 2020 Pyjama Drama Box

Hey, beauties! We hope you're all feeling fabulous. As you're aware, the demand for an extra Pyjama Drama Box was simply far too high for us to ignore. So, we decided to break our bimonthly rule and give you an additional box. You can't not love us, really.

So, in this post, you're going to find out exactly what is inside our extra, June 2020 Pyjama Drama Box. They are selling out super duper fast, but there are still some left. So, if you fancy joining the crew, feel free to use the code FREEGIFT at checkout for a free gift when you purchase!

Remember, if you're already subscribed to PDB and you want a June box, you'll have to purchase it separately as a one-off, as it's not part of your regular subscription. If you're not yet subscribed, June will be the start of your subscription!

Let's get straight into it, shall we?



Super Cute Sausage Dog Pyjamas by Foxbury (RRP = £18.00) As the giraffe pyjamas were in such demand last month, we thought we’d spoil you with a similar vibe. A sausage dog vibe. Because, let’s not beat around the bush. We all love a sausage dog. They look nice, they’re cuddly, they’ve got great smiles and they’ve got freakishly endearing, long bodies. What’s not to adore? With these super soft PJs, you’re going to adore their little faces and long bodies, even more. They’re 100% cotton and the frill sleeves, combined with the 3/4 length trousers with a pull tie at the bottom, work (tirelessly, without pay) to ensure you look totally fabulous and don’t overheat, as the weather begins to get warmer. So, what are you waiting for? Get them on and show us your sausage… dog!

As pyjamas are 100% cotton, they have very little stretch. If they are a little smaller than you’d like, make pyjamas damp, stretch them and leave to air dry.

Vanilla and Ylang Ylang Candle by Flamingo Candles (RRP = £8.50)

What’s a cosy night in without a gorgeously scented candle? Not as good - for sure! That’s why, just for you, we’ve got our hands on one the best, from Flamingo Candles’ original collection. Hand-poured in the UK, using natural soy wax, this candle has a creamy fragrance of sweet vanilla bean, enhanced with intense musk, ylang ylang and hints of tonka and soft lily. Inhale the sensational scents and indulge in a night filled with self-care in your new PJs, tonight!

Cotton Smooth Body Wash by Beauty Laundrette (RRP = £6.00) We like a bit of straight-talking here. So, between you and us, the Micelles - yep, those things you find in micellar water, work like a mini, genius little molecule, Pac-Man gang that soak up impurities without drying out the skin. Result? Clear, clean, glowing skin with none of the tightness. What could be more perfect? Nothing! Besides you, in your new PJs, of course.

The Humble Warrior Cleansing Oil by Skin Alchemists (RRP = £15.00) Oil cleansing stems from ancient bathing practices and is thought to cleanse the soul. So, it’s safe to say that when used, this bad boy brings moments of pause, breath, release, acceptance and surrender. Its masterful blend of large and small molecule oils provide the perfect combination for detoxifying the skin by lifting hard-to-remove makeup, cleansing pore debris and relaxing the mind.

Shake bottle and add a few pumps into your palm. Rub palms together to warm the oil, bring to the nose and take a deep breath, exhaling slowly. Massage into the face, neck and décolletage to stimulate circulation and release environmental debris. Follow by cushioning the face in a warm face cloth, sweeping over oiled areas.

The Mask Bar De-Stress Mask by Comfort Zone (RRP = £12.00) Face masks are an essential part of self-care and cosy nights in. You know it, we know it… Even the spider living under your bed knows it. So, check this out. This mask is instantly hydrating and is recommended for dehydrated and tired-looking skin due to sun exposure, wind and other environmental factors. Made in Bio Cellulose and deprived from fermented coconut juice, it adheres perfectly to the contours of the face and is the perfect key to enhancing your tranquil nights in!



Thank you for reading all about the June Pyjama Drama Box contents! Remember, they're still available to purchase via our website, if you feel like it's something you might fancy!

We'll see you again, in July. Lots of love!

Pyjama Drama Box

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