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Pyjama Drama Box - Holly Hagan Collaboration

Hey, gorgeous people! We hope you're all feeling well and we hope you're all staying as safe as possible.

Just a quick one from us, really. We wanted to share some amazing news with those of you who do not follow us on social media, or those of you who do, but didn't manage to see the news!

During the middle of May, we were fortunate enough to collaborate with the amazing woman that is, Holly Hagan. We sent her our May box, worth £60.00, which included our giraffe pyjamas, Popcorn Shed, BeautyPro, Figs and Rouge and Lunar Glow. To see what was in our May box and to read all about the products and their retail prices, feel free to click here.

Holly Hagan did a short unboxing on her Instagram story, sharing our brand to her 3.6 million followers. She also posted a boomerang wearing our pyjamas, which was a super cute touch!

We're so excited for what the future holds for our brand and we can't wait to continue to grow with you all. If you haven't ordered your June box yet, feel free to use the code FREEGIFT at checkout to get a free gift with your box! Our June boxes are worth £59.50 and we can assure you - you won't want to miss out!

See you soon. Lots of love!

Pyjama Drama Box

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